Puirt a Beul

This is Scottish mouth music, sung in Gaelic. It is traditionally sung without instruments, although this performance includes a Bodhran drum. ┬áThe rhythm of the words is much more important than the meaning– this is dancing music. Basically these songs are tongue twisters, and so much fun to sing! I’m learning a different mouth music song with my friend Laura for her performance at the Musical Instrument Museum, but after working on it I’m becoming more interested in the genre. Who knows, maybe I can learn more of these songs!

I’ll post a video of our performance when Laura and I sing on June 23 at the Musical Instrument Museum.



Wishing You Can Sing

This blog is for people who love to sing, who want to sing better, and who wish they could sing. (And you CAN sing, you wishers!) In these pages you will (eventually) find musings about the cultural status of the singer, comments on musical styles and vocal techniques, videos of master musicians in many genres, and general guidelines for singing healthily. If you’d like private lessons, here’s how to contact me:

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