Creative friendships!

I always thought the Beatles were pretty fantastic, but now I have an amazing opportunity to learn more about them– I’m going to be the teaching assistant for ASU’s Beatles class in the fall! I have access to the summer class and I’ve been listening to the lectures. One of my favorite things I’ve learned so far– Paul McCartney and John Lennon were able to write songs with their guitars side by side because Paul was left-handed and John was right-handed. What a beautiful partnership that was!


Occasionally I wish that I were in a band with my best friend, writing songs together and working out the creative details late into the night. Like one of my very favorite bands, While We’re Up (find them at Zach and Steven became musical partners while they were becoming best friends. What’s cooler than that??


But the person I spend hours working creatively with is not a musician; she’s a comic artist. Because of her, I’ve learned oodles about animation, graphic novel design, and the art of the newspaper strip. She’s one of the most creative people I know, and I get to be her critic. It’s a great job. I get to hear about all of her fantastic stories and characters and ideas over coffee. She’s pretty much brilliant. (Her blog:


I’m grateful for Sicily for many reasons, but one reason is because I get to participate in her creativity. I don’t have a lot of original ideas pouring out of my brain, but I like to help other people with their ideas. Not only does Sicily have a lot of ideas, but her interests have introduced me to a whole world of art that I was hardly aware of before.

Hooray for friendship!


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  1. Mike
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 23:12:16

    And there’s even MORE great Beatles stuff trapped in my brain! Just ask…


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