Mystery Science Theater Threeeeee THOUSAND!

Sicily and I flew in to Denver this morning at 11:30 and immediately met our old friend, Janna, and her new beau, Jacob. We had such a fabulous day! Janna and Jacob meet up with some friends every month to watch a television show called Mystery Science Theater 3000, and since this Saturday happened to be the monthly meetup day, we went with them.

The MST3K group!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is kind of strange. The premise seems to be that an “evil” scientist is torturing two robots and one human by forcing them to watch truly terrible movies, mostly from the fifties; a lot of B-variety science fiction. The original film plays in the background while the shadows of the robots and human make fun of the terrible dialogue, scattered plots, and poorly executed film editing and effects. It’s quite humorous.

I was reminded of the bizarre trends in film soundtracks as we listened to the synthesized weirdness in the backgrounds. Later we celebrated the strangeness of 1950s composition with a video of a cat playing a theremin.


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  1. Annie Wald
    Jun 13, 2012 @ 16:55:40

    I love that show–used to watch in the previous centry. Glad to hear people are still enjoying it.


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