Music from the mountains to the streets

“I look out the window; the birds are composing.” (Jon Foreman, “Your Love is Strong.”)

Yesterday Janna, Sicily and I drove to the mountains to stay with Janna’s grandparents in their cabin. We walked around the lake in the little mountain town and got some ice cream, followed by delicious homemade tacos, compliments of her grandma. Their house is the most beautiful place.

This morning I awoke at 5:22 to the sound of birds composing. One thing I love about being in quiet, unpeopled places is that it’s easier to remember that you have a Creator. The forest and the mountains are a testament to His glory. And so are his creatures. This morning we saw two foxes, coming to beg for hot dogs, and a doe. We also went and saw some buffalo at a farm nearby.

After having eggs and a gluten-free pancake (my birthday cake!) we drove through Black Hawk, where Janna grew up, and to the Pearl st. Mall in Boulder. Boulder is a wonderful hippie town. We tried on some goofy hats:

And we saw several street musicians. I love street musicians. There’s something very pleasant about walking outdoors in some public place, with live music floating about. We heard a drum ensemble, a flute, a clarinet, and even someone playing piano. The Denver mall also has these outdoor pianos, and even though it must be tough on the pianos, it’s really a lovely idea.

Music is everywhere!


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