Synthesizers (and fajitas!)

This morning our friend Sarah arrived in town! We spent most of the day shopping and watching movies, and incidentally, I was introduced to the concept of dubstep.The speakers in Janna’s car are very run down and partially destroyed, and so bass comes out sounding like poppy static. We turned the bass all the way down in her car to reduce the distortion, which meant that when a dubstep song happened to come on the radio there wasn’t really anything to listen to. It’s a very heavily synthesized kind of music.

Synthesizer is an interesting element in modern pop music; I think it has the potential to make music sonically interesting, even if it’s not musically interesting. It introduces novel and unexpected sounds into the musical landscape, even though it isn’t typically innovative in terms of harmony, melody or rhythm. I’m not sure if I like dubstep, but it is a good example of a genre heavily influenced by and reliant on synthetic sound.

On a completely unrelated note, our friend Sarah is an excellent cook, and she made us fajitas. Here are some mouth-watering pictures:



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