Big things, small things, and us in between

“Turn the radio down, ’cause you know it sounds better when all of us sing.” (While We’re Up, “Graduation.”)

This morning Janna, Sicily, Sarah and I met Janna’s boyfriend Jacob in Colorado Springs to see the Garden of the Gods. 

It’s a park filled with these humongous red rocks, just sticking up out of the ground in a grandiose fashion. The scale of the place really does make it feel mythical, as though it belonged to the Greek gods and somehow fell to earth .If there are wonders like this on Earth, imagine what heaven will be like, to be with God forever. It reminds me of the way CS Lewis portrays the new Narnia in The Last Battle. It’s a world where the scale of everything is simply awe-inspiring.

On the other end of the size spectrum, we had problems with a spool of thread today. Sicily is making a teddy bear and she lost her red thread between the car and Janna’s apartment, and we could not find it. We tore apart the apartment and the car, and finally gave up and decided to get more thread from target. We all trooped down to the car and opened the doors- and then Sicily spotted it on the roof of the car next to Janna’s.

What an odd place to find what you’re looking for!

Perhaps the funnest part of the day, however, was going to get candy from Target. More precisely, the drive back from Target. We drove through the beautiful fields and neighborhoods in the area with the radio blasting and all of us singing along. The air blowing through the open windows smelled like rain, and the sun was setting behind the Rockies. Music and friends make a beautiful world more beautiful.



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