The Crowder Requiem Review: Introit, Requiem Aeternam.

I have decided that this album– David Crowder* Band’s Give Us Rest or A Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys])– is too good for a mere single post. I’m going to do a review in parts, starting from the beginning and working to the end. This may take a while. There are 34 tracks; today I’m only going to write about the first two. Here’s a youtube link to the first two tracks.

The album opens with bells, the rustle of leaves, birds singing, and footsteps. Although a requiem is traditionally a mass for the dead, the main character, the focus of the album, is very much alive. By the time the footsteps’ owner enters the church and sits down on a creaky pew, the priest is already on the second line of the Latin Requiem text: “… et lux perpetua luceat eis…” — and let perpetual light shine upon them. The lateness of the footsteps’ owner reminds us of his humanity and propensity for mistakes; his presence at the mass reminds us of his fragility.

This theme is confirmed within the first lines of the song proper. The Latin Requiem text can be translated “Give them [the dead] eternal rest,” but David Crowder sings: “Oh great God, give us rest.” The purpose of this requiem is not to bring peace to the dead, but peace to the living. It is for the peace of those living in the fallen world and for the resurrection of dead souls in living bodies. The climax of the song, resounding with “Let it shine,” is a view into eternity and the light of God. At the end of the song we return to the simple piano pattern we heard in the beginning; we are still earth-bound, for now.


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  2. Joseph Richardson
    Jul 13, 2012 @ 11:10:58

    Thank you so much for this lengthy review. Give us Rest is one of my favorite albums ever, and you do it amazing credit here with your beautiful reflections.


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