The Crowder Requiem Review: Introit, Lux Aeternam

If you didn’t know, the traditional Requiem text can be a bit… dark. However, the David Crowder* Band has already told us in the title that this album is in “The Happiest of All Keys.” This work does not fearfully follow the journey of the dead into the afterlife, it anticipates the light of God on us, here on Earth and into eternity. Here are the third and fourth tracks on the album.

The third track, “Lux Aeternam Shine,” is an invented chant including two Latin words (meaning “Eternal Light”) and one English word, “shine.” Just as the text is a mixture of Latin and English, the sound is a mixture of chant style and synthesized, electronic sounds. It sounds as though monks’ voices have been transported through speakers to a science-fiction setting where the electronics are going wacky. It’s the collision of worlds, the ancient and the modern, the world of eternity and the world of right now. We’re still in the “Requiem Aeternam” section of the mass, but the Band is focusing on the phrase “et lux perpetua luceat eis:” and may perpetual light shine upon them. They also continue to redirect the intention of the mass by focusing on the living in the next song.

“Come Find Me” reinforces the theme of new life for the living. God is the first to move in the salvation story: He finds us, and we come alive. The playful guitar riff that dances up and down the scale is echoed in the piano, constant throughout the entire song, like the constancy of joy or the reassurance of God’s presence. The day of resurrection in the song refers not only the last day, when the dead will rise; it’s the day of salvation, when our souls are lifted from the death of sin to the life of love.


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