The Crowder Requiem Review: Communion

Communion is a liturgical tradition that stretches back to the time of Christ. During the last supper before Jesus’s crucifixion, He told his disciples to eat bread in memory of His broken body and drink wine in memory of His blood, sacrificed for our sake. It is, as asserts, an intimate encounter with Christ. We commune with God when we accept the work of Jesus’s sacrifice and acknowledge our need of His mercy. In the Requiem mass, communion is taken during the text Lux Aeterna: eternal light.

“Our Communion” starts with a simple guitar, and a hollow, overtone-producing sound layers in. It sounds mysterious, big, empty. The lyrics are about dead hearts coming to life by the power of God’s love. Our hearts come to life when God’s love permeates to every corner, searches every part; a very intimate communion with our savior. As soon as we transition to “awake, looking for a way to get back home,” the music picks up tempo, with more percussion and banjo. This is the Christian life, our souls alive, our hearts longing to be at home with Him. We transition again to a refrain of “Oh Great God Give Us Rest,” uptempo from the original song and including a fiddle. This is to capture the Pie Jesu, which is a short text immediately following Lux Aeterna:

Merciful Jesus, Oh Lord, give them rest.
Merciful Jesus, Oh Lord, give them eternal rest.

I know that Zach’s heart was alive on Earth, and he will continue to live even though he has died. Christ said “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die.” Death has taken Zach’s body, but Hades will not take his soul; death cannot separate us from the love of Christ.


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