The Crowder Requiem Review: Libera Me

We’re in the home stretch of David Crowder* Band’s album, Give Us Rest. Two sections of text remain in the Requiem Mass: Libera Me and In Paradisum. 

The Band does not set a text resembling the Libera Me; rather, “Sometimes” seems like an answer to the desperate tone of the Latin text. The speaker in the Requiem text fears the trials of judgement; this is at odds with the Christian hope of salvation for all believers, since in fact we have nothing to fear. David Crowder* Band addresses this apparent contradiction in the Latin text. The truth is that sometimes, we feel as though we’re not being saved; we feel the weight of our unworthiness; we fear the wrath that is not meant for us.

Sometimes, every one of us feels like we’ll never be healed.
Sometimes, every one of us aches, like we’ll never be saved.

But despite these feelings, we have hope in God’s eternal love. God’s love is “like a sea without a shore.” He has forgiven us, He is healing us, He is saving us. The song becomes an anthem of adoration and gratitude for God’s love as the music builds into a full texture, fearless and passionate.



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