Student and Teacher

I’ve been a student for the past… seventeen years. Wow. And I’ll be a student for two more as I work towards my masters degree. I’ve always felt like teaching would be a way to stay in school, and I suppose it is, but being a student feels much more comfortable than being a teacher. (That could have something to do with being a student for seventeen years and only having been a teacher for three weeks.)

Being a first-year music teacher is frightening, and demanding, and exciting, but one thing that does not surprise me is that it makes me into even more of a student. Not only am I learning about the craft of teaching, but I’m learning more about music. If you want to become master of something, try teaching it. There’s nothing for learning like teaching. For instance, I am much more familiar with Haydn’s Surprise Symphony than before. If you’d like a surprise, just listen. Haydn was tired of people falling asleep during his concerts…


The Lovely Teaching Monster

Today is my first day of elementary school, and I am a nervous child. I can still remember waiting for the school bus on my first day of Kindergarten. I don’t remember the nervousness, I only remember the excitement. I wonder if I was more nervous then or now; which is more frightening, being a student when you’re five or being a teacher when you’re twenty-two?

If anyone has been wondering where I’ve been for the past couple of weeks, the teaching monster swallowed me whole. It’s a cuddly and ferocious monster. It reminds me of the film¬†Where the Wild Things Are, when Jack crawls into the Wild Thing’s mouth; my choice. And I have been exhausted all week, but thank Jesus, there has been music. Julia and I have been singing our children’s songs as we prepare our lessons. There may be many more children’s choirs and folk song arrangements on this blog in the future, but stick with me.

Jesus adored children, and now His children are in my care. It seems silly to be worried about what second grade children think of you, but I hope they like me. I hope they think I’m pretty and that I’m nice and much more, I hope they think music is fun, and beautiful, and special.¬†

Here we go.