A Lickety-Split Performance

We interrupt this program for a brief digression into the actual life of the Blogger.

Laura and I sang this song at the Musical Instrument Museum on Saturday. The sound quality isn’t tip-top, but hopefully you get the idea.

That’s a lot of words, ladies and gentlemen.

This is called mouth music, sung in Gaelic, and the sound of the words and the rhythm are more important than the meaning of the words. Makes you want to do a jig, doesn’t it? (That’s because it’s dancing music.)

As long as we’ve digressed into my life, I should tell you that I got the job teaching at Archway Classical Academy, North Phoenix. I am officially an elementary music teacher! I’m absolutely thrilled.

End of update. See you tomorrow for the Tract of Give Us Rest!


The Electric Light Orchestra is a cool band name.

Anyone else heard of Electric Light Orchestra? I thought I hadn’t until I listened to one of their more popular songs, “Strange Magic.”

ELO’s “Strange Magic” and “Livin’ Thing.”

Someone in the Phoenix area is putting together an ELO tribute band, and I’m hoping to audition for the harmony singer’s part. She’s the one with the long, curly blonde hair. How cool would that be?? I’m considering curling my own hair for the audition, just to make an impression. Sometimes I’m not a huge seventies pop music fan, but I like ELO so far. They have a decent amount of percussion, and I love the strings. The melodies, vocal and instrumental, are interesting; fun to listen to, fun to sing. So the good news is that even if I don’t get the job, I discovered a historically successful, musically interesting band that is new to me. Hooray!