Moving Day!

Yesterday I moved into a real apartment for the first time, with my friends Sicily and Laura Kate! Well, I’m not really moved yet. I have to live on campus for another two weeks until my Residential Life job is over. But Sicily and Laura moved in, and I moved a couple things! Yeah, like… almost eight things!

We rounded off yesterday with a delicious party at Drew’s house, complete with pizza. We had a miniature poetry slam in honor of our friend Rebekah, who is going to Missouri for a month, and we watched The Rocketeer. 

And today, I’m going back to the new apartment to move more stuff around. I think I’ll take my stereo so we have music to work to; perhaps some Switchfoot, or Needtobreathe. Austin got me into the Christian music scene– I hadn’t had any idea there were so many good Christian bands– and now I can’t get enough. Really original, artful, powerful music that also reflects the deepest feelings of my heart? Yes please.

I’ll leave you with this song by Needtobreathe. I love the bluegrass sound of this band.